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My name is Hal Sarjant and first and foremost, I am an Arsenal fan...

But seriously, I am an Experience Designer and part time; scientist, golfer, amateur footballer and chef.

I studied Environmental Geoscience at Bristol for four years and then went straight (almost) into a career in design. That might seem a bit of an odd move to some, but to me it made complete sense.

From a young age I have loved both science and technology of any kind and I finally put my finger on why; I love creativity with a purpose. Science is creativity with a purpose, you need to generate hypothesis, work out a way of testing them in a new and innovative way and then evaluate your findings. Technology is, you guessed it, creativity with a purpose! Your only limited by your imagination when it comes to tech.

I came to this realisation at the same time that I became aware of the possibility of being an Experience Designer, and it was a literal light bulb moment.

I am using the skills I have learned and the experience of my colleagues and mentors to become a designer focused on delivering innovation, delight and above all value to users and business.